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My Free-to-Play Games

Next in Line - In Development (Demo)

You're next in line for the throne of Castelon.

A month before your 21st birthday, you received a hastily written letter at the compound in the mountains, where your parents had sent you at 16 to keep you away from the war. 

"King dead. James abdicated. You are Next in Line."

Your country is reeling from its King's death and the end of a decade-long war. Today, on your 21st birthday, you begin the timeless tradition of sharing the responsibility of running Castelon for the next year, alongside your mother, Queen Vivian. This tradition, known as The Harbinger Ceremony, is your opportunity to prove your ability to be a reliable ruler. 

Step into a story about love, trust, and finding oneself. Can you navigate your royal duties, solve your father's murder, and find love (or friendship) at the same time? Or, will the Gods withdraw their blessing from you?

Fragments of the Past - Completed

Fragments of the Past was inspired by a radio script I wrote as an undergraduate. Now, I've expanded on it and converted it to the IF form. This version is around 7000 words.


Experience a journey of healing three years after MC’s partner died from an illness. Fulfill your partner’s last bucket list item. You can choose the pronouns of the partner who has passed.

Please note this is not a self-insert and is very different from my other games. It is a short exploration of two characters' journeys. There will be some choices, but they do not affect the ending. Therefore, this is a linear story.

In Her Shadow - Early Development (No Demo)

You are the sibling of Guinevere. Yes, that one - the one married to King Arthur of Camelot. But you are not loved like your sister. While she has only ever been kind toward you (under false pretenses), the rest of your family and those at your family’s court have not. 

For you have only ever lived in her shadow… 

When your father disowns you and throws you out, your sister invites you to Camelot. But you soon realize that Camelot is not the sanctuary you believed, as war is brewing with the Saxons. 

What role will you play? A warrior, diplomat, or spy? Or, perhaps, you only want to survive. 

While in Camelot, you’ll have the opportunity to build relationships with various characters and decide how the war plays out.

Bloody Desires: The Cure- Early Development (No Demo)

Bloody Desires: The Cure is a supernatural interactive fiction set in the 21st century.


When the Vampiric Round Table (VRT) summons you to New York, you have no choice but to go.


The VRT has learned of a credible rumor that a cure for vampirism is somewhere out there. But your kind aren’t the only ones searching for it.


The dangerous supernatural exterminators, Heaven’s Hunters, seek the cure to wipe vampires from existence. 

Prepare to embark on a bloody adventure featuring 6 unique backstories for the main character and 3 vampire clans to choose from. 

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